Rinnie's 1st

Rinnie's first year! She will forever by our residency baby, born right before Dave started his first year of Ophthalmology. Sometimes I feel bad for our kids - like they aren't getting everything they need. They don't get to see their family very often, we're always stressed out about something or exhausted, and we have that generally struggling feeling. But, our kids are so happy! Rinnie is so happy. She explores and tears apart our entire house. She laughs with her sister and with strangers on the street. Babies are so little but so wise looking. Like, Rinne is just our babbling, wise old man who takes in the scene and goes with the flow as we cry and worry and do our best. We love her so much. And we're so proud of Alta for the way she's become a helpful big sister. These kids are the coolest.  


  1. Go, Rinnie! Go all of you. I really get that feeling of the kid(s) getting a raw deal because the parents are stressy and exhausted. I really really get it. I have to just call my mom when I feel that way, and she tells me again that kids are resilient and Henrietta is fine and don't add that to my list of worries. And then the next day I call her so she can tell me that again. You guys are doing great. I'm sure of it.


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