Alta and Rinnie's Room

The sun hits their room in the late afternoon/ evening and it is my favorite (when it's cold not when it's hot. then it's the worst!) I spend hours picking up toys and clothes and rearranging things but I love their room so much. I love how Don (Mad Men) slept in his children's rooms when he was having a hard time. Their room is really comforting and happy and wonderful and fun. And when they are asleep, ah it's the best! Here are a million pics of their room from this afternoon.

^ Rinne's afternoon nap

^ Outside our building there are giant trees. Our whole block is pure green!

^ One sad thing - two windows totally clouded over. They saw they are going to fix them... someday.

^ This one wet the bed last night after a wild mess I stripped her sheets at 1 AM.

^ We switched their bed spots so Rinne would be away from the door. I think that's helped!

^ Curse this blue dresser that I can never completely clean off. Also, a peek into a very full storage closet.

^ My mom gave us this painting! 

^Probably shouting "Mine!" Sigh.

^ The hallway outside their door


  1. This is so beautiful. I love their room. No wonder you love being there. It's clear that they love it there, too.


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