Continuing the theme of my life and brain being a million places all the time, here's what I've been thinking about lately -

+ This past week I deleted both facebook and feedly from my phone. Facebook because my brain was getting so consumed with all the stuff everyone likes and shares and it was taking too much brain space. Feedly because I've been reading way too many blogs, thinking I'm still a part of that working girl blog world. Which I'm not. I used to be, kind of, but I'm not at all anymore. I don't need to find that perfect work/kid balance because I take care of the kids and Dave works (studies, researches, etc) I'm sick of my mind being all over the world, if that makes sense. I want it to be here, where I live. With my kids, my community.

+ Also, Dave and I talked for a long time about what would be valuable contribution internet-wise. I appreciate design blogs for the inspiration they give me but I know I'll never be able to do that. I want to get more consumed in our community, helping people, connecting new people, connecting old people and young people, doing public art, events, etc etc. Please feel lucky that you don't have my brain, it makes me crazy.

+ Oh and potty training! Still struggling with that here. Reminding vs letting her go on her own...Letting her wash her hands and feeling insane as she ignores me and lets the water run for 5 minutes every time. And dumps soap all over the bathroom.

+Oh and bloody noses! Alta is classic for showing up in our bedroom in the morning with blood alll over her face.  I pretty much just clean up bodily fluid messes all day everyday.

+How about money. Let's talk about that. We are sick of this med school, resident financial life. Dave's had ideas about changing the salary system. What if they paid you more in residency with the agreement that you'd stay on at the hospital as an attending for a few years? Like instead of $60,000/yr as a resident and $200,000/yr as an attending you'd get $100,000 as a resident but you commit to stay with that hospital for 3 years after. We wouldn't be complaining so much if we didn't have kids and I worked. Residency salaries are not made for families (and especially not families in NY.) There are a few articles that are interesting if you want to know more about this topic - like how Medicare funds resident spots and how, in some cases, residents make a lot more for the hospital than they are paid

+ And on top of that, how about the hour restrictions? that no one follows/no one can follow.

+ On a happier note, one of my new friends in the neighborhood had her parents bring our girls these adorable wooden pacifier clips (I've been calling them stroller jewelry in my head because I plan to cover our stroller in these) from Germany. I met her at the playground a few months ago and got her in to a little church playgroup we go to every Wednesday. She is the nicest new friend and I'm glad she's only a few buildings down from us!


  1. Love you girlfriend! You are doing wonderful things!!


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