Joseph had a little Overcoat Video

My brother gave Alta and Rinne this book for Christmas and it is the best! The back page had lyrics which we attempted to figure out how to sing...but luckily there was a video to watch on youtube. It has a great moral at the end which I will ruin for you - "Which shows - you can always make something out of nothing"


  1. So, I had a silk shirt that the collar was terrible and looked all wrong that I couldn't sew. Lalalalalalala. So I made it into a scarf that was almost new. Lalalalalalala. The moral of this story is great. We throw away so many usable items that could be reused. Too bad so many don't know how to sew these days. I really hated the mandatory 3 years of Home Ec when I was in school but now I'm so glad I was forced as I can sew almost anything.


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