Alta's 3rd Birthday and Easter 2015!

Here she is! Birthday city. She asked for a "red-tar" for her birthday (red guitar) and wanted to have a cake with sprinkles and wear party hats. We granted all of her wishes except for the party hats which I bought but I forgot to get them out when everyone came over. 

^ We went to an easter brunch at our friend's house in Woodlawn. There are more pics of the easter egg hunt but I need to go through them. This captures Rinnie as the wiggly, impossible baby to hold that she is.

^ Our friend Donna had a photo backdrop set up at her house and we went over to take pictures of the girls. Wow it was hard! This is probably the best one and Donna is holding Rinne from the back ha!

^She was so excited about this cake and loved the frosting/sprinkles so much but not the cake. 

^ We caught her doing this a couple of times..

^And a random cute pic of Dave holding Rinnie before heading to work


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