Second Baby Stuff

A long long time ago I wrote all the stuff we had bought for Alta and it's time for an update! Now we have Rinnie and I'm amazed I survived without some of the these things. I'm also amazed that I can survive in general with two kids but somehow, you figure it out. You find the right ways to bribe your first kid to not run away while you are nursing (iPhone) and you listen to lots of screaming and crying from both kids. Yay! Here's some stuff:

1. Pacifier clip - what did I have against these?? We only use it when we go out of the house but this thing is a frustration saver. I wish I had bought this for Alta.

2. Zutano cozy booties - a friend gave us the normal ones and Rinnie wore those everyday. She always wears the cozy ones now that it's freeezing. They stay on way better than those sherpa boots.

3. Only zippers or two pieces - no snaps! - I've snapped enough snaps for a lifetime and it's way more frustrating and exhausting to do it quickly while the other one is asking for a snack 50x.

4. Velcro swaddles  - we folded a blanket to swaddle Alta but I got soo worn out doing that this time.

5. Car seat cocoon - I'm not a 100% fan of this but we do like it. It's really easy to put on and take off. Rinnie hates the way it's around her face but she usually gets over it. This is the perfect item for a little winter baby.

6. Cheaper diapers. - why did I buy pampers for so long?? My friend and I agreed - cheap diapers during the day, good nighttime diapers. We use them all - costco, huggies, etc.

7. Cradle cap brush - Rinnie had really bad cradle cap for awhile. I'm not totally sure this got rid of it but I still use it to brush her hair.

8. Uppa Baby Vista double - If you're ready to get a serious stroller, this is it. The 2015 has some cool new features that the old one doesn't. I don't normally have a car so this was an important purchase. I have a lot to say it about it but I'll just say a couple things - the basket is massive, it's super easy to clip the seats in, the wheels are pretty wide but do well in the snow, and yeah, anyways.

9. Ergo infant insert - I didn't use the ergo as much with Alta but Rinnie loved it. The insert kept her all snugly and happy.

10. Munchkin sound/projector - I bought some random conair sound machine with Alta but we needed a second one with Rinnie. Alta has played with this thing like it's the best toy in the world. It plays songs and it has a projector. Best $19 I've spent.

11. Video monitor and Baby Monitor app - Rinnie was sleeping in the same room with Alta for a couple of weeks and it was nice to see which one of them was crying and to check in and make sure everyone was ok. I use it a lot during the day when I leave them both in there playing to make sure Rinnie is ok.

12. Wood Baby Gym - I wish I had bought this!

13. New diaper bag - I searched for a long time and this is best one (I think!)

I'll update if I think of more things :)


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