Next summer, Lake George

We have this problem where we move every summer and by the time we settle, it's fall. And by the time we can get it together to plan a 2 day vacation, it's cold. I'm glad we saw Lake George in the fall but shoot, I want to go back next summer. There were dozens of mini golf places, all sorts of ice cream shops, a place called Santa Land!, gorgeous beaches, and the boat ride past all the old mansions. So really, we'll be back next summer.  

Dave took these adorable pictures of Alta that really capture her life as a 2 year old. She is very 2 right now. Very all over the place, needy, and the best person to take on an "adventure" outside. Along with every other kid, she loves throwing rocks in the water. 

Alta at Lake George from Grace Poulsen on Vimeo.

The boat ride we went on only went to the bottom of the Narrows. Next time, we'll try to hit the whole thing. 

When the boat turned, it was verrry windy and it we had to go hide inside. And Alta woke up for her car seat nap. Here's me and mini beast -


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