Remember that Kickstarter?

Sometimes I'm not sure that actually happened. It's like, I did an insane amount of work, sent them off, and then moved on to packing and having a baby. Actually, that's exactly what I did! I still can't believe all of that happened. I have a few extra prints and items floating around and I'm toying with selling them for the holiday season. Let me know if you/anybody you know would be interested! 

The other day I read something about how finishing a project is the best way to learn. I need to stamp this on my forehead - it's so true! Also, packaging these friends up and addressing them was super fun. Maybe I just need to work in a shipping dept? IDK. 


  1. I'm glad you made such a nice comment on my blog so I could find yours again. I'd lost track of it somehow. But I love those books, and I'm so glad the kickstarter worked out. I sure do have some projects I need to finish.


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