Alta, almost 2.5

I love reading what other kids are saying so I thought I better throw Alta's best phrases out there too. Generally, whatever she says is some sort of version of something I've said or Dave has said. She's really the best mimic but we're working on appropriately answering questions (for example: me: do you want yogurt or a carrot? alta: or a carrot?? ) It's cute but after awhile, you just want yes or no. 

+ Looking through a book "Look at all these hings!" 
+ Still "hold you?" when scared, sad.
+ When Rinnie wakes up "OH! I hear Rinnie!" 
+ "You want cheerios??" most things fit into this sentence "You want _______??" 
+ "Other nacks you got?"
+ "How you doin Daddy?" 
+ "Here comes Daddy!" 
+ "Mama come too?" 
+ She knows our names now and sometimes, if I'm not paying attention - "you coming Grace??" repeatedly. Or if I'm slow to get her from her bed in the morning, "mama? mama? Grace? GRACE?" 
+ The story of having a birthday cake "sprinkles" "hadddy birthday to you, hadddy birthday to you" "now blow it out!" "and eat it, um nom nom nom nom" 
+ "Two sisters?" For everything that Alta and Corinne do together or could potentially do together.
+ Tonight "want some fresh air??" 
+ "sweet man!" 
+ "that could be cool." 
+ "do a little jump!" 
+ "tertiary on?" - air conditioner on? 
+ "ride on the skateboard and get special gum!" 
+ me: you want to go to the park? alta: "a park with swings???"
+ "a little bit of music?"

Sometimes I could listen to her talk forever and ever and sometimes I make her go in her room and leave alone :) 


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