All about Rinnie

I won't go into the super long story of Rinnie's birth here but let's just say it was an emotional one. The labor was quick and she was rushed off to the NICU to figure out why she wasn't breathing very well and why she was so white. (Turns out she had an infection which antibiotics annihilated. Yay!)  She was 5 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches.

Thinking back, I'm really grateful we had a name we were pretty set on (well I was set on it and Dave was almost convinced.) Her birth was so stressful and Dave was in and out of the hospital taking care of me, Rinnie and Alta that we never would have been able to have clear brains about choosing a name. We loved Corinne for many reasons - one because it sounds like Karen, which is Dave's mom's name and two, because she could go by Rin or Rinnie. And Rinnie has stuck! (We planned on calling Alta - Ali - but we haven't really. She's just an Alta I guess!) Bloom was my step-grandpa's last name. He was such a kind-hearted Grandpa and I've always loved that name. 

^ I hadn't seen her at this point. Dave stood by their workstation while they tried to figure out what was wrong. The look on his face really worried me. 

^ Seeing these pictures still scares me. The whole experience was just plain scary even if she was totally fine after a few hours. If you test positive for Group B strep and you think you're leaking fluid, make sure to tell them! My midwife wasn't trying too hard and I should have been more adamant about what I thought was happening. 

^ But look. She was just fine! Healthy and ready to come home

^ So much dark hair! She still has a little bit left

^ She spent one day in our Fresno apt. One. single. day.

^ Sleeping in a basket at Heather's house. I picked up this trick from the NICU nurses - maybe everyone knows this trick? Rolled blankets to keep her snuggly and keep her pacifier in. Obviously, we'll stop doing this once she's moving around. 

^ Alta pretty much ignored her while we stayed at Heather's. I don't think she showed any interest or even acknowledged she was there until we got to New York. 

^ My parents came and saved the day, just when I thought I couldn't make it another minute. 

^ Still working on getting organized in our new place. I swear we cannot move ever ever again. Or at least not for 3 years. 

^ We're loving the view! You can see Montefiore in the distance and a little 1 train going in and out of the station.  

^ I noticed today that Rinnie has really friendly eyes. Like she's going to be a kind, sweet friend. She seems a lot more smiley than Alta and her cooing is a dream. Having two kids is way more awesome than I ever thought it would be. (and it's just as exhausting and more than I thought it would be!) 


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