A 2 Yr Old Routine

I've been thinking about toddlers and routines lately and how well Alta does with little routines. Then I realized that each day is kind of routine which was not completely planned but just how things have worked out. Makes my life look super cool probably but it works. And the more predictable things are for her, the better? Most days go something like this:

7:30 - 8: Wake up to her on the monitor either chatting or crying, get her out of her crib.
8:01: Breakfast. Probably cereal as she loves it, so much. Especially "Cheerios with honey!" or "mini wheats!" or "frosted flakes" We've had a lot of cereal. Sometimes we do oatmeal too. Oh, and some juice mixed with water - her favorite.  
8:15 - 9:30/9:45 - Get dressed, play, do random stuff, until Alta is officially bored, following me around, and driving me nuts. (Getting dressed involves a new diaper, clothes, stand on her bathroom stool for a gummy vitamin - she chooses the color, "brush yo teeth, alta's turn!" and I do her hair while she's distracted) I get dressed and ready during this time too and sometimes I can get her to stay in her room while I get ready. If I turn on her sweet 90s tape player, I get about 10 minutes before it ends. AND pack a snack or eat a snack. 
9:45/10 - Go do something. Park, shopping, visit people, errands, etc etc etc
11:30/12 - Back home. It's so hot lately! I can't handle being at the park much later than this and I usually have to lay on the floor for a few minute recovery after carrying stuff/Alta up the stairs. 
12/12:15 - Eat lunch. Alta eats for about 30 seconds and she's done. 
12:15 - 12:45/1ish - "Watch a show" She used to sit on the couch for the "show" but lately she's been sitting in our bed watching something on our computer. Today it was "Mater" sometimes it's Cars. Sometimes Nemo. I usually eat lunch while she does this and hang out by myself which is awesome. 
12:45/1 - 2:30/4 Nap. The amount of time is SO different everyday! (And even nap has a routine - Alta in crib, close blinds and curtains, sing a song, tuck her in "like this!", turn on her music box) I try to do any loud-ish stuff during this time. She sometimes takes an hour to fall asleep! But I still make her sleep even if she's fighting it. By 2:30/3, I lay down and take a nap. Sometimes my nap lasts for 5 minutes and sometimes for an hour - depending on little beast.
3:00-6:00 - Lots of different stuff happens in here. Snack, of course, but maybe swimming, maybe more errands, playing, dumping water on her head on our balcony, and hopefully making dinner :) She usually watches a show when I make dinner unless I've somehow been really smart and included all the dinner prep into our afternoon activities. 
6:00 - 6:05 - Alta eats dinner. Maybe not even 5 minutes. She'll read books and color while we/I finish. 
6:30 - 7:30-8:30ish - Clean up dinner/house, go swimming, or go do something. Dave and I started taking turns doing bedtime and it's been super nice. Bedtime is the loooongest routine of all but fun when you don't have to do it every night! :) First maybe a bath (every other night, mostly). Then jammies, then milk (she gets out the cup and helps with the microwave. someday we'll stop the warm milk i guess!), then watch TV for a minute while she drinks it, then she stalls and reads books and plays, then stand on her stool for "brush yo teeth, mommy's (or daddy's) turn!", then into crib for a story or two, a column of the Book of Mormon, a prayer, a song or two, then tucked in for bed with music box turned on. 

So there you have it, the life of a 2 yr old and her mom haha


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