Value Memos: Here we go!

I have to say that this moment was very exciting. Hitting the green launch button, posting it to Instagram and Facebook and feeling absolutely horrified when I realized the Kickstarter link turned into a video on Facebook. There I was in my close friends' and not so close friends' news feeds talking about personal stuff. But I think that feeling is good. It's good to put yourself in situations where you feel uncomfortable and nervous. It makes you appreciate others who do so and you can feel proud of yourself for putting yourself out there.

As much as I'd love to kick back now that the campaign is up, I know I have to keep going. I'll be 27 weeks pregnant next week, Dave has been on the medicine floors (meaning terrible hours and weekends) for the past 2 months, and Alta has more energy than ever. Sometimes I think to myself, why didn't I do this before having Alta? What was I doing with all that time and energy?! Somehow we're able to push ourselves a little more when we need to I guess. And there are a lot of things that have happened that have made it possible to do this project now instead of 2 or 3 years ago.

I'll  be posting more about the designs and some new pictures soon. "The countdown begins now. You know what to do: tell people about it!" :)


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