Value Memos for your Easter Basket!

The funny thing about giving a Kickstarter gift is that you're giving a gift that hasn't happened yet. A gift that doesn't even really exist! The great thing about giving a Kickstarter gift, is that it's something to look forward to getting in the mail. For Dave's birthday, he had a lot of gifts that were not actually there. (i.e. Coin, Summer 2014, Sole Socks, April 2014, and a Cordie, which came a few days later) It's kind of fun to spread the presents out, right? 

The Value Memos Kickstarter ends April 17, just a few days before Easter! Wouldn't this be a fun gift for an easter basket? By the time Easter happens the project will be funded (fingers crossed! ;)) and the receiver will know they will be getting something soon! To print, you can download the PDFs here: 

(I'd recommend running to Office Depot or Staples or something like it to print on a white cardstock with a laserjet printer. It will look best that way! :) You can scale it down when you print it to have a little card or print it big. )

Stick the card in an easter basket or send in the mail. I would have loved something like this as a teenager. Actually, I would still love a present like this, any day of the week. 


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