Sunday Drive to Sequoia National Park

We left church a little early and decided to drive through Kings Canyon. We couldn't do the whole drive because they don't plow the roads past a certain point but we did hit up General Grant and do a nice loop that included a beautiful lake. We knew there was a little snow up there and thought Alta might like to check it out. Turns out hard, crunchy snow is not her thing. Sometimes I worry about toughening her up and making her do things but I didn't really want to stand around in that crunchy snow either so saying "bye snow" was fine with me too. 

She was happiest running down the path with a stick in her hand and

going through the best tree tunnel. We still talk about tree tunnel. 


  1. pretty pictures! i like sunday adventure like this.
    i just want alta's patagonia down suit. so warm!


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