Notebook Scans

One of my most favorite pieces of advice from FIT came from my beginner sewing teacher who was, umm, interesting. Actually, scary. Actually a few semesters later, I ran into her and she was cool. Really helpful and funny. One of our first days of class, she talked about the importance of having a notebook to save ideas. Save sketches, save pictures, save anything you like. Somehow that stuck with me and I now have a giant notebook full of pictures, drawings, and everything I like. At first I didn't do a very good job putting stuff in and it wasn't fun to look through. I made a rule for myself that things could always be rearranged or thrown out and started trying to make it look nicer. When I finish using a sketchbook, I like to cut out the drawings I actually like and paste them in here (or tape if I plan to scan them later) It's a combination of being a pack rat and a tiny-apt dweller, save a lot and get rid of a lot at the same time. 

^ Above-Left: Fabric samples from my textile class, tag from some Uniqlo pants, postcard from golden west cafe (yum!), and a few magazine clippings. Above-Right: Stamps I made a few years ago inspired by YW values and some Vogue clippings ^

^ Left: A postcard from my favorite shop in Cambridge, MA - Black Ink, Penny Licks Ice Cream in Williamsburg (closed! sadly), Playing Card tag from Yoshi Now! in Fresno, and some clippings. Right: Lots of Vogue clippings, @@@ background from some sort of ad?, leftover fabric from school, and a tiny flower I drew a few months ago ^

^Left: Vintage birthday wrapping paper, my favorite Hermes magazine cover, and a bunch of clippings from Vogue. Right: My name on a notebook from high school, scarf pictures from a person I worked next to at Henri Bendel's, and of course, random fabric scraps and magazine clippings.^


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