How to Get your 18 Month Old to Walk

Sorry for this post, but I googled "How to get your 18 Month Old to Walk" about 100 times so if this helps anyone, I have to do it. Alta was pulling herself to stand around 14 months but never had any interest in walking. We bought this awesome looking thing and she walked in 5 days. I'M SERIOUS. 5 days. I would walk with her around our apartment complex and pull her up each time she sat down. Then we started to hold it more loosely and let her sit down and get herself back up. I am a firm Juppy believer! (It's $25 with free shipping on Amazon) I liked it better than some of the others because it's a full body harness. Some of the other ones go under the arms and I'm pretty sure I would have just pulled her arms off everyday. She walked by herself at TJ Maxx at 18 months exactly. 


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