Christmas in Fresno


I'm not going to lie, Christmas was rough this year. Dave worked a ton and while it was super fun with Alta, my brother, and my nephew, Brandon, I couldn't help but wish that Dave had been there for Christmas. It was an important lesson for me - presents < family.

We did have fun though! My mom sent us a ceramic tree with holes that lights up (like these, that was a bad description) and the box was full of packing peanuts. Alta was so happy, we just let her go for it.

Christmas Eve was at the Poulsen's (because half of the Mason's were sick.) Alta got some snowflake/flower christmas jammies and we took a few pictures before she went to bed. 

I've been reading a column of the Book of Mormon to Alta every night since she was 3 months old. We're already to Alma the younger! I think this is the most consistently I've read the scriptures in years so win for Alta, win for me (and win for Dave sometimes.)  

And Christmas morning. I probably should have taken more pics. Alta spent the whole morning saying "candy canes!" and trying to eat as many as she could. 


  1. best and dreamiest photo of you ever! i'm obsessed with it.


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