Alta's Heart Party

Any excuse to buy treats is a good excuse at our house so I decided to throw Alta a little toddler heart party. I invited a bunch of her friends that are almost exactly her age (give or take a few months) and we had balloons and a few treats. Seriously, the easiest party ever. They ran around with the balloons and felt hearts I cut out and ate a lot lot of popcorn.  Alta was so excited the day before, she kept saying "party! and candy! and dancing! and balloons!" She really loves all those things. I think this will be a new tradition for us! 

Also, kind of hidden is the table my dad made for Alta!  

^^ I'm still in love with these Anak Jujur shirts. Pretty sure I'll be buying another one when she grows out of this one. 

^^ Tackling panda was a huge hit. 

^^ Banana bread was also a hit! Thanks to Dawn for bringing that!

^^ This kid has serious dance moves. His mom taught our Zumba class last fall and I can tell he listens to good music at home! :) 


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