A Letter about 2013

Thanks Brynne, our professional photographer

Dear friends,

This year, we finally fulfilled my jr. high/high school dream of moving to California. Sadly, it's Fresno, CA and we are nowhere near the coast. But the people are friendly, the lifestyle is relaxed, the food/produce/living expenses are cheap, and we're getting a little New York city life break. Right now it smells like manure everywhere because I guess they just spread that around the orchards north of us and I kind of want to die.

2013 was a pretty interesting year, but every year is pretty interesting (descriptive right??!) The year started with Dave matching in Ophthalmology at Montefiore which first brought happiness, then tears (me), then happiness again this summer when we realized how much we missed NYC kind of immediately (and continually I might add. Although this out in the country lifestyle is kind of fun) Then Dave matched for intern year in Fresno and I definitely cried again. We needed a New York break.

Alta went from a weird form of scooting to finally walking at 18 months when we purchased the Juppy and forced that girl to walk. And can I say she talks a lot? Like a lot a lot, about everything. It's amazing when one day you're driving in the car and trying to decide what music you should listen to and your 1 year old says "how bout..ummm.." Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and says "candy canes!" I have to say that talking has made life better for me. (Except when she follows me around in the kitchen and says "hold you!") We really enjoy the way she dances to anything - including the dishwasher noise.

For me, I finally said goodbye to the best job in the hopes of pushing myself to do something harder. That harder thing is happening and still happening after 4 months. Meaning, still working on it. Here's to finishing it by mid-February?? Also, I'm out of the gingerale-addicted phase of my second pregnancy. How about having a baby and moving to NY the same week? But seriously. I'm due June 19th and we have no idea how all of that is going to go down.

And more for Dave. He's always moving on to the next thing. Each month brings a different rotation, a different schedule, and sometimes a fun test! (including Step 3 in three days) I'm not sure how he survives on such little sleep and experience but he does and he continues to jump through each hoop that comes his way. Sometimes he skateboards, sometimes he roughs up Alta to wear her out before bed, and sometimes he hides in our room to study. Party life!

Here's to another year of packing, moving, new job, and new kid!


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