this talk.

You guys, it was so good. Power in the Priesthood. I was listening hard for something that would make me feel better about all this priesthood stuff and he did it. I keep saying it over and over in my head "i have priesthood power in my covenants and especially when I keep and renew my covenants - i.e. taking the sacrament)

some things he said:

My message to this faithful woman and to all is that we can live every hour “blessed by the strength of priesthood power,” whatever our circumstance.

All of the ordinances invite us to increase our faith in Jesus Christ and to make and keep covenants with God. As we keep these sacred covenants, we receive priesthood power and blessings.

Do we not feel this power of the priesthood in our own lives and see it among the covenant-keeping members of the Church? We see it in new converts as they step from the waters of baptism feeling forgiven and clean. We see our children and youth more sensitive to the promptings and guidance of the Holy Ghost. We see the ordinances of the temple becoming a beacon of strength and light for righteous men and women across the world.

And then Brynne's mom and her counselor about being covenant keepers! Win win win.


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