One Day at Disneyland

My niece Miranda is going on a mission to France next week and one of her last wishes was to go to Disneyland. Luckily I was invited along and another sister came from Utah. I had no idea what to expect taking Alta to Disneyland - I figured she'd either LOVE it or absolutely hate it. Turns out that this age is awesome because they are excited about everything and not super scared of anything.  I took her on a lot of rides and the only one she seemed a little scared on was Pirates. (I was kind of scared too! That ride wasn't as happy and yo-ho-ey as I remembered) 

Alta loved the character breakfast - the food and the big fuzzy stuffed animal characters. I loved it too because I ate so many good things. Thank goodness it came in our hotel package because I probably never would have paid separately for it. This was our second day at Disneyland and Alta was a little tired of her stroller and being carried around. I know I shouldn't complain but 17 months and still not walking? I pray everyday for those little legs to start walking. We spent some time at Goofy's house which was the only play area I could find where she could crawl around and not ruin her knees (or be trampled by people.) Other highlights: two dole whips, the parade, the tiki room, the buzz astro blaster ride - which Alta loved, and cars land. I would like to live in cars land. See you in the winter disneyland! I'm already planning on a trip in my mind. 



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