Old Town Clovis Farmer's Market

Friday nights in Old Town Clovis are fun. They have a big farmer's market, a few food vendors, craft crap, and live music. I probably would have tried to live in this area if I had known more about it. There are a lot of vintage stores and some really fun, old-timey cowboy stores. (I just found the one I went in to - it's called Sassano's and the walls are lined with fun old toys and memorabilia plus they even have little kid cowboy pants!) Sadly it gets dark a lot sooner now so we only got a few good pics. 

We always see this mini-horse carousel that you can jump on for 5 bucks and I was really excited to do it with Alta. Should have known that the girl who scissor kicks when you try to put her on a rocking horse would do the same thing to real horse. (Those mini horse people are the best though because they gave us our money back!) We finished the night off with Fresno State ice cream. It came to me the other day that living by Fresno State is kind of like living by the BYU creamery. Lots of delicious dairy - including FS chocolate milk and Root Beer float ice cream! It's dangerous. 


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