My new way to exercise

It's been years since I was a consistent exerciser and actually, I don't think I've ever been that great. Growing up I always wanted to make sure I stayed skinny and now I'm realizing that more importantly, I want to be stronger. Skinny is great but how can you really be skinny all the time when you're pregnant, post-pregnant, nursing, and everything in between. Plus, who cares about skinny anymore. I want to be able to lift things, keep up with other people, and have a lot of energy. 

Last month (ok technically end of July) I made this strength training grid with a goal - check off a row of each to get new running/workout shoes. Last night, I finished! I realized some important things - I liked this because I often have periods of 5-10 minute downtime when Alta is playing by herself and I can stretch and do a few push-ups. Also, it really helped to make my reward something I really wanted but could wait to get. I've been going to my ward Zumba class which is super fun (makes me wish I had gone with you Megs!) and I remember every time I go how much I really want new shoes. 

I think the key to a good reward is something you really want and almost need but it can wait. Last year Dave and I both set goals with rewards. Mine was to get my bonus at work and the reward was a new computer mouse since mine was falling apart. I did it and got the reward! Dave was to run at least 3x a week (I think) and he got to buy a heart monitor. Something he really wanted but could live without until he earned it. 

Next up for me is a new purse/diaper bag and I added in some running to make myself really work for it. I'm eyeing this one because I like 3 in 1 idea but it's expensive and maybe not exactly what I want. I guess I have at least a month to think about it.


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