Lost Lake

I've spent a lot of hours looking up all the things we need to do in Fresno. I'm trying to figure out where we should eat, what we should see, and what we should be doing with our spare time everyday. I know that Fresno is +/- 3 hours from a lot of places but with a 1 yr old, driving a lot is not super fun. Plus, I really just want to enjoy where we live and I do, sometimes. (I will even more without the heat! Come on October..)

We've have been to Lost Lake a few times which is surprisingly close to our house. We can get there and be in the water in about 15-20 minutes. The park is surrounded by all these beautiful, rolling, golden hills and the water is icy icy cold. We bring sand toys and snacks and we only go in the morning when it's about 85ish degrees.

This morning we had Dusty Buns again and every time I eat there I feel happy to be in Fresno. I know it sounds dumb but food has become a huge part of our lives. It's pretty much our only hobby that has survived adulthood and the Alta.


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