just finished: The Looming Tower

We have a problem in our family: Dave spends time thinking about what books he wants to read and buys them and then I read them. I don't usually spend my time thinking about what book I want to read but when the right one comes my way, I'll read it as fast as I can. (Kind of like TV series - currently we're watching Big Bang Theory and it's the best) 

This problem also happened with Atul Gwande's books which I finished before Dave. (They are also very good, easy to read, and all of them take an interesting look at residents, doctors, and the whole medical world) Anyways, the Looming Tower. I realize now that I knew nothing about Al-Queda, Osama, or any of his friends. I didn't really know why 9/11 happened besides learning small bits about terrible people that wanted to bring down America. It was so fascinating to read the 50+ year backstory of Qutb and Zawahiri and Osama's dad and the Saudi royal family, etc etc. There is some pretty dark stuff in there but I tried my best to stomach it and to visualize what it would be like to live in a war-torn, unstable environment your whole life. I also tried to understand why certain people became so overly obsessed with their religion and consumed with humiliation and hatred that they would deny their basic human morals and do anything to create the perfect world governed by Islam. Also, how about the agents that tried so hard to figure out what was happening and stop it but couldn't for a number of reasons?! And the main one who was killed when one of the towers collapsed. And the one that was in Yemen and threw up when heard about 9/11. I didn't know anything about their side either. Sorry, that was long. The end. 


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