Heritage Days in Oakhurst

Our goal was to get to Bass Lake but I wanted to make a quick stop for a little parade and festival in Oakhurst. (Actually, first I should mention this adorable village in Coarsegold that we passed on 41. It was nestled in the hills and just amazing.) Anyways, we got to Oakhurst for part of the parade and it was a classic, small town parade - complete with a really quiet marching band which made us laugh. 

We walked over to Fresno Flats which "reflects 19th century life in the Sierra Nevada Foothills." The highlight of the day was getting Alta a balloon animal poodle. This little family had a booth and a whole range of balloon animal options $1 - $12! We went for the $1 poodle which Alta loved and quickly pulled apart into what we called poodle snake. (Poodle snake was eventually torn apart after she pulled it really hard, in case you were wondering) (Also, I think I might make this a new hobby - they look really fun to make!)

So Bass Lake. Alta fell asleep in the car, it was cold for the first time in forever, and we were kind of tired. We saw the lake, saw the sign, and drove home. Next time!


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