Best First Baby iPhone Apps

The first time Alta giggled at something she was doing all by herself, she was playing this game on my phone. (We were a little late getting into the baby iPhone apps mostly because I wasn't sure how I felt about them. I think I've realized like all things - moderation. 95% of the time I deny her reach for my phone.) This particular morning Alta was close to 1 and she giggled forever. Then she giggled all day! She giggled when she read books and when she was in her crib. It was like she saw a funny movie and was replaying it in her head. 

For months we've been playing the top 3 - Fisher Price Animals, Fisher Price Counting Animals, and Where's Puppy's Nose. Finally, she's sick of them. What's lucky is that I discovered they have a few more I didn't know about! We haven't tried the story one on the left yet but she loves the ABC, 123 Baby Learning App so much. Yesterday, at the farmer's market, she was laughing so hard at Q and T. 

The best part is that they are all free! We did end up buying one of their cases on our cross-country road trip so they still made their money on us. (The cases are necessary if your baby becomes obsessed with clicking the home button even if they are enjoying what they are doing.)


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