U-Pick at Farley Farms

When Dave matched at UCSF Fresno, I was very excited because of our family here and all the delicious, cheap produce! I tried out a CSA which I loved but in the end, decided was not for us. Having a CSA didn't quite fit into a baby/toddler diet and it was a struggle to go pick up the box of produce when it was 100 degrees and I had Alta in the other arm. We live really close to Bella Frutta and a few other farm stand places that have great produce and I have plenty of time to shop around and stop at those places. 

Today we went to Farley Farms in Kingsburg and it was so fun! We picked lots of peaches and grapes and said hello to all the animals in the petting zoo. It was pretty hot so I wished we had gone earlier (actually we did plan to go earlier but I didn't realize it was 45 mins away from our house!) The best part (besides picking of course) was sitting in the shade while the kids played in the sandbox and crawled in the grass. They have a pretty awesome set-up there and the produce is all 65 cents/pound! Oh actually, the first best part is the wagons you get to pull around the orchard. Alta loved sitting in there with her friend and only was upset when I wouldn't let her stuff all the grapes we were picking in her mouth.


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