Two ways to survive moving from the city to the suburbs

There have been some lifestyle adjustments moving from Brooklyn to Fresno. We lived in a 600 sq ft apt in Brooklyn (in Boston it was 500 and in the Bronx, a studio about the same size) and our apartment here is around 1,000 sq ft. Obviously we are loving the space. Alta has her own room and I don't feel like I have to be silent every time she's asleep - although she still is a very light sleeper! We have a garage for our car (if only it was connected to our house!) and a dishwasher AND a washer and dryer. 

One thing I worried about was how empty our new-giant-suburban-built-5-years-ago apartment would feel.  That's why I've really lowered my expectation of what should/should not be hung on the wall. This day we painted pinecones to line up on the ledge below our vaulted ceilings (I'm kind of in love with the giant California pinecones even though they cover me in sap every time I collect them) and today I put up some nails to hang our hats. With miles and miles of white walls, let's use that space and display the stuff we like! 

Second thing - get Spotify Premium! Alta and I drive a lot everyday because most things are at least 10-15 minutes from our house. We listen to lots of good music and it makes me a lot happier about driving so much. 

(Also: I really like this series of tips for living in a tiny apartment. I'm pretty sure she lived down the street from us in Boerum Hill and I still take her advice even though our apartment is not so tiny anymore)


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