Jacobsen Family Cabin

It's been quite a few years since we all went to my parent's cabin together. I can't even remember when the last time was? We tried really hard to get everyone in town at the same time for my dad's 60th birthday and well, my birthday happened to be that weekend too. 60 for him, 26 for me. 

Our poor cabin was probably lonely as we all ended up staying at our neighbor's cabin. Our cabin is a little tight with 4 little ones and 8 big ones. Actually, it was kind of rough in our neighbor's cabin because their walls upstairs don't connect to the ceiling! So in the night when Alta cried, Aren cried and vice versa. (And my brother Kip said he woke up to me singing "Baby Shark"which I sing to Alta, all day everyday. Except I never sing that many verses, wow!)

We did make this delicious icebox cake that was so easy for making and taking up to the cabin. It's hard to think about baking a fancy cake when there is a lot happening so this one was perfect. We added fresh raspberries too!



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