A small way to do service

One of the problems I've found with moving a lot is that you never really get into the groove of knowing what's going on around you - in your neighborhood, schools, cities - and it's harder to get involved in service activities. Of course you can find different charities but it's hard to commit to 3 hours a week at a local shelter when you know you'll have your 16 month old with you and you won't really be helpful at all.

One way I've found to do service is signing up for Change.org. I get emails a few times a week that tell me about petitions that are getting popular and asking me to sign. I've signed about 95% of them because they are mostly about issues that I care about! And I feel good every time I sign because I feel like I did 30 seconds of service. (Along with 10 hours of non-stop baby service)

Anybody else have any ideas for service that don't require dragging your baby with you? I made some quilts for Project Linus a few years ago which was fun!


  1. I heard about a great one a while back that's knitting scarves for fisherman.


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