yw stationery

Just cleaning off my desktop. Kind of fun to look at the crazy ideas/thoughts/projects I've had over the past year. At one point I decided I wanted to design a really cute stationery for the YW program. I love how each value has a color and how the values associated with the colors are forever burned in my mind. I wanted to make something that would remind the girls of the values but not be so obviously church material (like the current journals). Sadly I couldn't settle on one idea and kept taking the ideas farther father until I had nothing left. Below are the designs for the notebooks:

Faith - white - flowers - alma
Divine Nature - blue - look at the sky
Individual Worth - red - it's in your heart
Knowledge - green - leaves, growing knowledge
C & A - orange - arrows, different choices to make
Good Works - yellow - happiness from serving
Integrity - purple - pure diamonds, jewels
Virtue - forgot to do that one I guess.


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