Road Trip: New York to Lansing, Michigan

Dave's parents are serving a CES mission at Michigan State and we wanted to go visit them. We decided to visit some places on the way there and the way back. So we drove. NYC > through PA > Kirtland, Ohio > Lansing, Michigan > Through Ohio again > Niagara Falls, NY > Palmyra, NY > Cooperstown, NY > Home. (We would have gone through Canada but we forgot our passports)

The Kirtland Temple

My plant friend on MSU campus

We got to tour this GM Manufacturing facility with tons of senior missionaries. It was awesome.

We got delicious treats from Sweetie-licious!

Holland Michigan lighthouse


Peter Whitmer’s cabin

The Sacred Grove

Martin Harris house. Actually his real one burned down and this one was built in the 1850s. It’s covered in lake stones! I love it. And someone still lives in it so that was kind of weird. She was gardening when we pulled up and parked in the giant parking lot next to her house.

Erie Canal

where we camped by Niagara Falls . it was really fun! Even though we set up our tent at 12:30 am and mosquitoes were everywhere

This is where the guests stayed for Jim and Pam’s wedding in Niagara Falls!! And we parked right by it.

The scary bedroom we stayed in at the B&B in Palmyra. I really thought we might die in this girly, Marie Antoinette Room.

National Baseball Museum in Cooperstown


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