february so far

So Monday night, my friend asked if I could take her spot at the Rodarte fashion show the next morning. Yes, I wanted to. I got there at 10:30, stood around and stared with my mouth open at how skinny the models are, fixed programs and stared at everything else going on (music, lighting, running around) At 11:30 I was given a "C" sign and placed in the C section. At 12ish, guests started arriving. I said hi to some rich lady in a gold blazer and fell in love with Kirsten Dunst. Poor girl. I've never seen a wall of cameras and crazy people like that before. A few minutes before the show started we were sent down the runway and out the side door. Then we had to wait by the front door of the gallery while the show went on (the clothes from this show are awesome! Little house on the prairie inspiration!) So I didn't see the show. But once it ended, everyone famous walked past me. Guess who's holding the "C" in the back? me.

To celebrate Chinese New Year we got Korean food with Hyeku and friends. They thought it was Alyssa's birthday so they brought her a cake made of oranges and this old lady sang and a congratulations song started playing in the restaurant. It felt like disneyland.

We had a funny dinner with Carlie and Hillary at Cowboy-Seahorse where our waiter brought us captain crunch.

Valentine's Day we saw True Grit (liked it) and went to the Standard Grill. They have an iceskating rink out front!


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