Christmas parties

Last night was the ward christmas party and my favorite part was Santa handing out the gifts. Growing up we always got a candy cane or a coloring book and eventually that wasn't too exciting. This year they gave gifts to all the kids! (and the adults too! Sister Cameron bought the gifts for the adults. Women got scarves, men got shiny ties) I laughed really hard when some of the kids wanted to trade, some were too shy and scared of Santa to go up there, and some were so excited!


After the ward christmas party, we got ready for Carol's "Support the Troops" Holiday party. I've been really excited to dress up for this party for weeks. Turns out that we were running really late, we got stuck in traffic on FDR for an hour (what else is new), and we didn't get to the party until midnight. We debated turning back many times but we'd already invested a lot of time in party preparation ( like pinning my dress in the back since it was so dang low cut)


And we made it, and it was worth it! Any chance to see Hyeku and all our other friends is such a privilege. There are some really great people that live here.


Did I mention Hayley and friends visited this weekend too? 6 people in our apt was quite a stretch but I'm always up for a group sleepover. Things could have been more enjoyable if Dave didn't have to study and if I didn't have work yesterday. We didn't have much hang out time but it was so so nice to see Hayley after 2 years of not seeing each other.


These were our costumes. The dress I'm wearing was giant and I took it in on the sides and the darts in the front in the back. Maybe fashion school won't be a waste after all?

Hopefully by this time next week I will have completed my Nutcracker, Art- Deco inspired dress for my draping class. To do this I will have to cut back on Hulu time, Netflix time, and watching all the videos on I'm really addicted to those and Mormon Messages.


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