Stake Conference in the Bronx

My favorite part about Stake Conference (besides all the nice talks, including President Bench's talk about how zion is in westchester and in the bronx which makes you feel nice about living far away because it's okay and President Taylor's missionary stories and talking about putting our church callings first no matter what because this one guy that went to Wharton and had 8 kids did and he was very successful) is the parking! Everyone is quadruple parked. Which means that as soon as they say amen, we all have to run for our cars in case someone wants to leave. Especially if you are at the front like we were.

Edgar Allen Poe's house, which is across the street from the Kingsbridge ward building is under construction. Bet he's excited about that.

Pretty St. James park

Did I already post this pic of the garden club? Dave and I just got our own plot! And we bought tulip and daffodil bulbs last night at home depot. If I could live in a store, it would definitely be home depot. I love the smell of wood, i love the smell and feeling of heat when I walk in, and I just love the prospect of lots of projects! Gracias to Dad for creating the love. So next spring we'll be trying out this whole gardening thing. We only have like a 5 x 5 space but i'm sure we'll need lots of advice from all family members.


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