Wave Hill and the Broadway Bomb

We took a drive through Riverdale in the Bronx yesterday and I would like to live there. Really old houses and small, bumpy streets. Plus, Wave Hill! I'm not sure exactly what it is besides being a place like thanksgiving point where you go in and see pretty grounds and over look the Hudson River. Inside Wave Hill house, I made eye contact with Jenna from 30 rock! Luckily it didn't click until she walked away otherwise I would have had a really dumb look on my face.

Dave participated in the Broadway Bomb on saturday. I should have done it but I don't think I have the turning or stopping skills I would like to have to ride between cars and people. I tried to run and keep up but I couldn't keep up. I took the subway from 110th to Wall Street and it took forever! I ran and saw Nick passing through. Dave ran into Jeffrey and Stephen! What a great reunion and we ate lunch at Zaitzeff together.


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