bye summer

(Here's the dress I designed and made! I thought I could make it in a day but it actually took a week)

School starts for me on Monday! Draping, Tailoring, and Ballet (i may regret that decision..) + lots of fun internships. Dave finishes Family Medicine next week (tomorrow they are doing a cooking demonstration in a waiting room!) And then he gets the nice relaxed schedule of radiology and geriatrics. Come be his friend! I've spent some nice afternoons with Sarah and did some shopping with a really nice girl named Karen for Malgosia who's doing the costume design for the movie Losing It. The movie might be kind of scandalous? I really hope not. They are filming all the scenes in the Bronx! That is exciting. And she has a cat that looks just like our kitty but is really cuddly and nice and jumps on your lap and ruins all the papers you are holding.


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