Test Stress

It's debatable who you should feel bad for. Dave: has 3 upcoming tests (one tomorrow, friday, and monday) and has to study 17+ hours a day or Me: works everyday and has way too much extra time.

Why is it that I can't just be satisfied with being gone for 12 hours a day? Why can't I just come home and stare at the TV for 2 hours and go to bed? For some reason, if I'm not with another person I feel like I have to be doing a million things. Looking back on my life I think I've always been like this. Used to draw with stencils when we played Mafia at the loft apartment, always sit on my computer when I watch movies.

Let's recap on the things I have considered doing over the past week to keep myself occupied:

  • Play the piano. Become really good at it.

  • Re-plan my aquacise routine and fix playlist (the remixes echoed like crazy in the pool area and it sounded like death)

  • Make and write thank you cards

  • Buy people presents

  • Buy a Calendar

  • Create embroidered calendars to sell

  • Do Taxes (this one is reoccurring and then I remind myself I need to do it with Dave)

  • Work on my blog

  • Work on my mom's blog

  • Work on my aunt's blog

  • Clean the apartment

  • Paint things in the apartment that don't look good

  • Start a tennis club

  • Volunteer (i should act on this one)

  • Go to the temple (also should act)

  • Thrift store job

  • Model job

  • Visit people in our apartment building that I met one time

  • Open an Etsy Store

  • Buy fish and get really into owning fish

  • Apartment Garden

  • Plan June Vacation

  • Write letters to friends on missions (done!!)

  • Buy bathroom soap

  • Go Longboarding.

I'm sure there is more. I can't wait until next week when this test stress will go away. But then there are 2 whole months of boards test stress to deal with! I don't know how I will survive. Let's pray the bachelor is on again soon.


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